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Giambarini Group: The future of tradition

Olfez is part of a recently established group, which draws on the business synergy of seven companies with shared values and long-standing experience. The group, which was founded as a result of the Giambarini family’s constant drive for innovation, strives to offer increasingly integrated and cutting-edge services.

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Zincatura di Cambiano

Three are the main features that mark Zincatura di Cambiano: delivering reliability, raw material quality and careful technological update.

Strada Valle Torta, 6
10020 Cambiano (TO)


Centrifuge hot-dip galvanization for small pieces to fulfil the requirements of a new type of clients, focused on an upper quality service.

Via Monte Misma, 27
24050 Calcinate (BG)


National and international transports, through motors and trailers both centinati and not, in order to offer an efficient service even in terms of delivery time.

Via Monte Misma, 25
24050 Calcinate (BG)


The company has been always focusing in pressed and electro-welded frames, in steel and iron.

Via G.Carducci, 13
24050 Cortenuova (BG)


Manufacturer of pressed and welded gratings, either standard or bespoke, as well as metal worked goods. 
Since 01/01/17 the company CBZ has been merged into the METALJUMBO SRL with registered office in Cortenuova in Via Carducci, 13, taking on its name and VAT.

Via G.Carducci, 13
24050 Cortenuova (BG)


Equipped with a tank among the largest in Italy, it makes it possible to galvanise in single dipping structures over 15m in length and over 20m in double dipping.

Via Rosmini, 19/21
20021 Baranzate (MI)